2015 Toyota Prius v Review

Toyota cars have always been fairly popular, but the advent of
the Toyota Prius brought them to a new level in the world of
automobile sales. The 2015 Toyota Prius v is
set to raise the bar even higher by offering an updated design
along with brand-new features. This is an update of the
original Prius v, which was named “Best Car to Buy” by Green
Car Report in 2012, tying with the Prius Plug-in


2015 Toyota Prius v

The 2015 Toyota Prius v has a standard rear
spoiler, 16-inch alloy wheels, and LED lights. A panoramic
moonroof is available for additional cost, and it comes
equipped with sliding sunshades. This car has never been known
to be particularly ostentatious when it comes to the exterior
design, but it does boast a number of available color schemes
which range from standard colorings to metallic paint jobs.
There are four different trim levels available, each with
slightly different specifications and available add-ons.



The interior of the 2015 Toyota Prius v offers increased cargo
space, which can be accessed through the rear hatch. The cargo
volume measures in at just over thirty-four cubic feet, a feat
made possible by the fact that the car itself is a cubic
eighteen inches larger than the standard Prius. The cargo area
also houses an umbrella holder, which is a simple yet highly
practical addition.

There are several other key features to be accessed from the
car’s interior. Those who suffer from seasonal allergies will
find the interior pollen filtration system particularly
attractive. The fabric-trimmed seats are respectable, and the
rear-mounted camera will nicely complement the optional
navigation package to make this car particularly functional for
those who like to know where they are going.


Toyota Prius 2010

New Toyota Prius model V is equipped with a 1.8-liter,
4-cylinder engine. The fuel tank holds just under twelve
gallons, which is a fair amount given the conservative rate of
fuel consumption (the Prius v gets 42 miles per gallon). As one
might expect, this car has a particularly low emission rating,
so passing yearly inspections should be a breeze. While the car
performs adequately, this is not its main purpose. As such, it
has a modest 80 horsepower with a torque of only 153
lb.-ft. Acceleration of Toyota Prius 2015 is not in the
foreground so that 0-60 mph reaches for decent 10 seconds, and
top speed is about 115 mph. The brakes and drivetrain are both
of standard manufacture, with front-wheel drive and solid rear
disc brakes.

Price and Release Date

The current Prius price is set at $26,675,
though this can be raised to around $34,270 if purchased with
additional design options. This car has already been released.