2016 Toyota Auris Review,Price

2016 Toyota Auris is designed in an advanced technology more
than the current models. It made especially for the European
market and it comes with compact five-door Auris, offered in
two body-styles, that is, a hatchback and a station wagon. The
model has gone through several advancements such as power train
renovation, weight administration, new framework design and
item packaging optimization which enables in coming up with a
more powerful and faster vehicle.

Exterior design

The New 2016 Toyota Auris is also longer by about 1.2-inch
and height- wise is shorter by 2.2-inch. Its weight has a
reduction of 100 pounds. The more swept-back headlights have a
narrower look while its body is slimmer with fantastic
energetic-outline in the back. The couple of changes are made
especially to its front and rear end, typically designed for
mid-cycle facelift.

2016 Toyota-Auris NCI

 Interior features

The model has 0.8 inch, more space for the back-
seat-passengers. Inside it is made luxurious especially with
the chrome details and a furnishing of high quality. A
touchscreen which will serve as a control for the
infotainment-system is a 6-inch and will act as rear view

2016 Toyota-Auris 2 Nci

The modified furnishing include leather seats, steering wheel
and armrests, all design in a way of meeting a perfect
competition in a highly competitive market of Europe. The
passengers feel comfortable and cosy while inside because of
its comfortable seats and lots of legroom-leave.

The engine

Toyota Auris 2016 is fitted with a diesel engine which
uses 1.3 litres and has the ability of producing 130
horsepower. Its hybrid option is a 1.8 litre gasoline engine
which is capable of producing 140 horse- power and a 128lb-ft
torque. When all these are combine with lithium particle
battery-operated motor results in a very powerful engine which
can achieve high speed as well as it can maintain stability at
such high speed.

The model can reach a speed of 32 mph with only the
electric-engine running and it also has a choice of
transmission form the available options of a four speed
automatic, six speed manual and a CVT to transmit power from
its engine to its wheels.

2016-Toyota-Auris-side-view NCI


The model, with its 1.3 litre engine is expected to have
fuel-consumption at the rate of 51.4 mpg in a combine-range,
while 1.8 litre engine-versions should have a fuel consumption
rate of 78.5, combine-range. its modification of the interior
design is expected to perform better to the passengers,
especially with its spacious legroom.

2016-Toyota-Auris-Front NCI

Price and release date

First appearance on the world stage, new 2016 Toyota Auris will
have the third of March at the Geneva Motor
Show . It is expected that the new model
will be release nearly at the end of this year, though it is
not yet confirm. Its price is expected to be 21,500 US dollars
for the base version, while the variant of the hybrid is
possible to be priced at 32,000 US dollars.