How You Can Become A Better Bottom?

Do you want to be better at bottoming? In this small article, we will provide you few useful tips so that you may take it almost like a champ.

Often a bottom is referred to be passive and will be lucky guy who gets penetrated, takes it up on their rear, and gets cock into the ass. While having sex with any trans you can always use this option.

Genetics or your personal preference?

As per study conducted by the University of Toronto, men who displayed traits of more masculine personality were likely to get on tops, while one who had little feminine traits will prefer on bottoms.

However, actual reason why few people prefer top and few others prefer bottoms is more complicated than just that.

Stereotypical bottoms

Most common stereotype who prefer bottom are younger guys having little body hair, those who may be on camp side of spectrum.

As a matter of fact, anyone can prefer to be at bottom and if you are inclined, after all man’s G spot remains hidden up and bottoming is sure fire way for stimulating it.

Many of bottoms can be stereotype above, however lots of bottoms can be big beefy daddies or hyper-masculine military men and also everyone in between.

So, there is no strict rule which governs who must be top or bottom or even be both. Following is the guide to be versatile if you prefer to find out.

Why people do not like bottom?

Some people may think

  • It may hurt too much
  • Partner’s dick may be too big
  • It can be dirty
  • I am not gay in case I do not get fucked.

All of us must have heard these things before but the last reason can be an internalized homophobia issue.

No gain without pain

Having anal sex for first time for men can often be painful. Those who are doing for the first time may not know how he should breathe, relax and contract their ass muscles.

However, bottoming will become easier and also more pleasurable if you understand and also know about your own body more.

Few things about remaining in bottom can be difficult than remaining on top.

If you are new to it then you need to do little preparation.

If you are scared about getting dirty, then consider washing with warm water.

Diet and exercise

  • Eat diet rich with fibre
  • Avoid hectic lifestyle and increase daily fibre intake. In case it is difficult then take fibre supplements.
  • Gym goers must do extra squats.
  • Practice relaxing and clenching the anal sphincter muscle anywhere.

Learn how to take at bottom

  • Make sure that you are relaxed while taking your partner’s cock
  • Perform your exercises, and also learn how to use ass muscles.
  • As the tip of penis of your partner starts entering you, try to push your sphincter out.
  • If you expand and contract your muscle then his cock will enter bit more. Also, it will go in bit more smoothly.

Sexual positions

Your sexual position will not decide whether you are submissive or controlling the situation.

By allowing your partner to ride on you can be good way to manage your partner’s dick like how fast, how hard and how much etc.

With clear communication can have better bottoming

Afterall, it is your ass and also your sexual experience and hence you should not be afraid to express how you are feeling. Tell him in case it is too hard or too deep or too fast or slow.