Web.Whatsapp.com – Login and Use Whatsapp Web

Web.Whatsapp.com oR Whatsapp web – is a web application that you can use to access your Whatsapp account on any Browser

This Whatsapp Web function is really useful when you are doing some work on your PC/Laptop and you need to share something from your pc to any WhatsApp contact.

Being a blogger I daily prefer to log in to this Whatsapp_Web Application. But I did not use the Desktop Application for this, because you need to update the application after some time. And this is an Advantage of web.whatsapp.com website over the Whatsapp_web application

How to use Whatsapp Web?

Before we get into these steps to log in to Whatsapp_web you will need two things for this.

  • Your Mobile with Whatsapp account
  • Mobile should be continuously connected to the Internet while using the Web.Whatsapp.com

Login to Whatsapp Web on your Desktop

  1. Open Whatsapp Web official website. web.whatsapp.com
  2. Click on the More option in Whatsapp mobile app.
  3. Then you will see Whatsapp_Web option click on it.
  4. It will open your Mobile Camera
  5. Then you Scan the barcode shown on the Web.whatsapp.com website with your mobile.
  6. Done you have successfully login to the web version of WhatsApp.

Step 1: Visit the Whatsapp web official website here

Step 2: Then Open the Whatsapp Application in Mobile and click on the More option (check for the verticle 3 dot option)

Whatsapp Mobile App More Option
Whatsapp Mobile App More Option

Step 3: Then it will ask for camera access first time click on Allow Access and Scan the barcode on the website using your camera.

Step 4: If you don’t understand you can watch the video given below

how to login whatsappweb
how to login WhatsApp_web

How to Log out from Whatsapp Web?

You can Log out in many ways if you clear your PC Cache or browser cache the Whatsapp and other website logins will be cleared. And You can either log out from Desktop or Mobile as shown below:

  • Open the Whatsapp Mobile App More option -> Whatsapp Web -> Click on the Logout option.
Whatsapp_Web Logout option
Whatsapp_Web Logout option
  • Another way is to click on the More option on Desktop Whatsapp (3 verticle dot as shown in image) and then click on the Last option that is Logout.
Whatsapp_Web Logout option
Whatsapp_Web Logout option